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Take Home Whitening Strips Buy One Get One Free!

Nikka Baldwin Mar 02, 2016

Heart Disease Is The Leading Cause Of Death In Both Men And Women Love your heart by choosing foods that are low in sodium, being physically…

Nikka Baldwin Feb 18, 2016

Quarterly Drawing 

Tim Kelly, DMD, PA Feb 05, 2016

"I have had headaches for years and no one seems to know why. I have tried everything but no long-term relief has been found."

Tim Kelly, DMD, PA Jan 21, 2016

Dr. Tim Kelly helps patients understand how dental care may benefit heart health. Learn how you can maintain your dental health.

Tim Kelly, DMD, PA Aug 09, 2015

Root canal infections involve bacteria reaching the interior chamber of the teeth. This dental pulp must be removed to avoid further health issues.

Tim Kelly, DMD, PA Jul 09, 2015

Athletic mouth guards are an important part of sports dentistry, preventing damage and injury to the teeth and gums and protecting dental health.

Tim Kelly, DMD, PA Jun 09, 2015

Learn about the common causes of damaged dental crowns, along with how Dr. Tim Kelly can address this problem to protect the tooth.

Tim Kelly, DMD, PA May 09, 2015

Find out how pregnancy can affect your oral health - and how Dr. Kelly can help you keep your teeth and gums optimally healthy.

Tim Kelly, DMD, PA Apr 11, 2015

Dr. Tim Kelly offers dental services that meet the unique oral health needs of his senior patients.

Tim Kelly, DMD, PA Mar 12, 2015

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We believe that every patient has infinite worth and should be treated with dignity and respect. We are dedicated to educating, creating awareness, and empowering people to make treatment choices that are consistent with their own beliefs, needs and desires. Dr. Tim Kelly

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Albuquerque Office

1441 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

All Hours Directions (505) 256-1770

Albuquerque Office

1441 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

All Hours Directions (505) 256-1770