Esthetic Dentistry Can Rejuvenate Your Appearance

Dr. Timothy Kelly provides esthetic dentistry to patients in the Albuquerque area, reducing signs of aging with dermal fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic. These injectable skin treatments are so simple and minimally invasive that patients can receive them chairside along with their regular dental hygiene appointments. Dr. Kelly is an expert in the anatomy of the head and neck, and has undergone special training to place and administer these treatments. He can also use BOTOX® Cosmetic therapeutically to treat stiffness and pain in the head and neck from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding). To learn more about esthetic dentistry, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kelly today.

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About Esthetic Dentistry

Treating using BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers is a logical extension of most dental practices. In addition to their knowledge of facial anatomy, dentists are educated in the proper ratio of the face, and how it changes when patients speak and smile. Furthermore, dentists are highly experienced in administering injections—usually much more so than plastic surgeons or dermatologists. In fact, many patients find that dentists can deliver the injections far more comfortably than other healthcare providers. 

Esthetic dentists must undergo special training that builds on what they already know about the anatomy of the face. Afterward, they can deliver excellent results for patients who no only desire a dazzling smile, but also a rejuvenated facial appearance.

The Beauty of Injectables

In recent years, the development of a wide variety of injectable skin treatments has transformed facial esthetic treatment. Compared to plastic surgery, injections are quick, easy, much less invasive, and much less expensive, while still delivering impressive benefits.

BOTOX® Cosmetic injections can temporarily block nerve signals to specific muscles, causing minor surface wrinkles and fine lines to disappear. Dr. Kelly finds it especially effective for correcting crow’s feet, as well as lines on the forehead and in between the eyes. It takes approximately 3 to 10 days for the results to become apparent, and the treatment lasts approximately three to four months. The same treatment can relax the muscles that cause pain associated with TMJ and bruxism.

Dermal fillers soften deeper folds that BOTOX® Cosmetic cannot improve. Fillers often contain hyaluronic acid, a compound that occurs naturally in the human body and helps maintain elasticity in the skin. As we age, this protein begins to break down, along with facial fat and collagen. The result is creases and folds in the skin, and hollow areas in the cheeks and around the eyes. The lips also tend to thin out and turn down at the corners, significantly aging the face. Injected into the skin, dermal fillers can replace lost volume and dramatically soften wrinkles and folds. The substance also attracts moisture to lend a supple appearance to the skin. Results are immediate, and the effect lasts from 6 to 12 months.

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Dr. Kelly can use BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers alone or in a strategic combination to help you look younger and more alert. To learn more, contact us today.

Dr. Timothy M. Kelly

Timothy M. Kelly, DMD, PA

Timothy M. Kelly, DMD, PA, has been in practice in Albuquerque, NM, for over 40 years. He provides a wide range of cosmetic, restorative, and general dental services, with a special emphasis on the treatment of TMJ disorder. Some of our most popular services include:

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"We believe that every patient has infinite worth and should be treated with dignity and respect. We are dedicated to educating, creating awareness, and empowering people to make treatment choices that are consistent with their own beliefs, needs and desires." Dr. Tim Kelly

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