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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Albuquere

Senior woman with healthy happy smileDr. Tim Kelly provides custom dental crowns and bridges at our Albuquerque office. If your dental health is compromised by decayed, damaged, or missing teeth, custom-made tooth-shaped prosthetics can restore function, comfort, and a healthy appearance to your smile at the same time. Our dental crowns and bridges are made of incredibly strong porcelain that not only stands up to chewing, but also looks natural. As a TMJ disorder expert, Dr. Kelly often uses dental crowns and bridges to restore the proper balance to the bite, thereby relieving pain and other associated symptoms. If you have suffered with damaged or decayed teeth, contact our office today to learn how custom dental bridges and crowns can restore your smile.

Benefits of Dental Crowns & Bridges

Model of smile with fixed bridge

Dental crowns and bridges can have several applications that benefit your smile. Dental crowns are typically used to restore teeth following root canal therapy as well as reinforce teeth that are cracked or have been weakened by decay. After the decayed portions of the teeth are removed, the crown seals the tooth, restoring function and a natural appearance. Dental crowns may also be used to restore a dental implant.

Dental bridges, also known as partial dentures, are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They can be anchored either by two dental crowns placed over adjacent teeth or by a dental implant. Bridges not only restore function and appearance but also prevent adjacent teeth from shifting out of alignment. If you suffer from TMJ disorder, it is likely because your jaw is improperly balanced. After using advanced technology to determine the proper positioning of your jaws, Dr. Kelly can use dental crowns, fixed bridges, and other restorations to create the balance needed to achieve that positioning.

Placing Dental Crowns & Bridges

Model of teeth prepared for fixed bridge

Placing a crown or bridge typically requires two visits to our office. If you require a crown, your first visit will involve the preparation of the tooth. This involves the removal of any decayed portions of a damaged tooth to create a suitable anchor for a crown. Next, an impression is taken of the tooth.

The impression is then sent to an offsite laboratory where technicians will use porcelain shaded to match the color of your teeth to create your custom restoration. This process typically takes about two to three weeks. In the meantime, you will wear a temporary crown. When your restoration is ready, you will return to our office. The crown will be secured using a strong adhesive, and if necessary, adjustments will be made to the crown to achieve a comfortable and balanced bite.

If you require a bridge, your first appointment may involve the preparation of the teeth on either side of the gap in your smile. Those teeth must accommodate dental crowns, which will hold the bridge in place. An impression will be made of the gap and adjacent teeth, or if you have a dental implant, an impression will be made of the implant and surrounding teeth, and this will be used to design your bridge.


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