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E4D CAD/CAM Same-Day Dental Crowns in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Same-Day Dental Crown E4D CAD/CAM systemIf you need a dental crown to restore a tooth, or would like porcelain veneers to enhance the look of your smile, wouldn’t you prefer to have all of your dental work completed in one appointment? For many procedures, the E4D CAD/CAM dental system makes same-day dentistry a reality. At our practice, Dr. Timothy Kelly invests in the most advanced technology to maximize our patients’ comfort and convenience while providing excellent dental care.

CAD/CAM is an acronym for computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, and in the field of dentistry, it means that you can undergo a complete treatment from start to finish in a single appointment instead of waiting for a lab to fabricate your restoration. To begin enjoying your new smile as soon as possible, schedule an appointment with our experienced restorative dentist today.

Technology Improves Dentistry

Patient receiving digital bite impressions

Dentistry is a highly technical and rapidly advancing field. Noninvasive laser techniques, nonsurgical periodontal therapies, and digital x-rays are a few of the most important recent developments. The push to keep advancing and upgrading the tools and methods that dental professionals use in their practices benefits patients through better preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatment.

The E4D CAD/CAM Dental System

E4D milling unit

Among the most recent advances in dental technology is the E4D CAD/CAM system. This mobile unit can create digital impressions of your smile and use them to immediately fabricate all-ceramic restorations. The system is similar in some ways to CEREC® (another CAD/CAM system), but it is a newer technology with a few differences. While CEREC® uses a digital infrared camera to make impressions, E4D uses laser scanning. The laser eliminates the need for the reflective powder that is required to produce enough contrast for most digital imaging. The E4D system employs 3D CAD software to design restorations, and a milling unit that uses CAM technology.

How It Works

Patient being prepped for E4D treatment

Creating a restoration with the E4D CAD/CAM is highly automated and simple. First, Dr. Kelly will prepare the tooth. In the case of crowns, this involves removing any decayed or damaged portions of the tooth. For veneers, this involves removing a small amount of enamel to make room for the veneer.

He will then take a digital impression that will appear on a computer screen in 3D. Using computer software, he will design the crown or veneer(s) right on the spot. Once the design is complete, it is digitally transmitted to the milling unit, which fabricates the restoration in about 20 minutes. We use only metal-free porcelain or composite materials.

When the restoration is complete, Dr. Kelly may polish, stain, or glaze it to blend in with your natural teeth. This step takes an additional 15 minutes or so to fire it in a kiln. Once it is finished and inspected, Dr. Kelly will place it on your tooth and check the fit. He then cements it in place, and the process is complete.


Man in suit with flawless smile

Same-day dentistry with the E4 CAD/CAM offers a wealth of advantages:

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Dr. Kelly prides himself on being on the leading edge of dental technology and providing the best care possible. To learn more about same-day dentistry, contact us today.


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