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Get to Know Dr. Timothy Kelly: Not Your Typical Dentist

Dr. Kelly

Timothy M. Kelly, DMD

Patients may already be aware of their dentist’s commitment to solving complex oral problems. However, many patients don’t realize how Dr. Kelly developed his philosophy of treatment over the years. In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find out how he found his way into dentistry and how he evolved his care to the high level of health, comfort, beauty, and longevity it holds to this day.

We hope this insight will help you strike up a conversation with Dr. Kelly during your routine visit!

Why Dr. Kelly Chose to Become a Dentist

Smiling woman in dental chair

Growing up, Dr. Kelly was always interested in how things worked mechanically. While in college, he spent many days building homes, learning about architecture, and initially intended on pursuing a career in the biomedical field. However, he stopped short when he realized how often his job would require him to be away from his family.

Many of his peers spent weeks servicing machines miles away from home. That’s when he started paying more attention to his father-in-law’s career as a dentist. Not only did he get to spend more time with his family, he also had the opportunity to work with people face-to-face. This was an aspect Dr. Kelly knew he would enjoy, so he switched his academic focus to the human system and to learning about oral problems many people couldn’t fix.

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Learn More About His Dental Education & Advanced Training

Senior man in dental office

During his academic years, Dr. Kelly bumped into many prominent minds in the dental industry, whom he credits for pushing him in the right direction. After completing undergrad, dental school, and his residency, Dr. Kelly began practicing at 25 years of age, which is quite young compared to other dental professionals. However, by the time he finished school, he only had more questions than answers.  This is because your dentist is a junkie when it comes to continuing education. Today, his passion for understanding problems he doesn’t know how to solve initially has become a prominent part of his treatment philosophy.

After studying the human chewing system and the complex physiological movements that happen in the mouth, he realized he could effectively translate his passion of understanding mechanics into dentistry. During his residency, he spent many days in the prosthetic department, which helped oral cancer patients rebuild their faces after receiving treatment. This sparked his interest in oral surgery and gave him the chance to visualize oral issues in a three-dimensional way.

While some dentists are simply “drill and fill,” so to speak, Dr. Kelly never was. He was never afraid of the challenging or complex cases patients often present to him.

What Dr. Kelly Enjoys Doing In & Around Albuquerque

Wooden bowl

When he’s not in the dental chair, you’ll likely see Dr. Kelly staying active with his family in the great outdoors. He enjoys hiking mountain trails, traveling, and honing his craft at woodworking and gardening.

During his residency he made customized containers for oral cancer patients to hold their prosthetics, but today he makes huge wooden sculptures out of simple wooden logs. He also enjoys tending to his garden, which neighbors thought was being maintained by landscapers. The truth is, he just enjoys seeing the fruits of his labor come to life. Whether it’s in his backyard or in his patients’ mouths, Dr. Kelly loves seeing the end result of his hard work.

If you or a loved one has a complex oral issue that no other dentist has been able to solve, you can be confident knowing Dr. Kelly’s passion is challenging cases. It’s part of his philosophy to solve your oral problems, even when no one else has solutions. We hope to see you in the practice soon!

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